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Gritti Hotel

The intervention concerns the restyling of Gritti Hotel located in a small square near Duomo cathedral. The six floors of the building house 40 bedrooms, for a total of 2,200 square metres. The façade will be maintained and made uniform by the white colour that makes it up to date by giving it a new life: the ground floor will be characterised by a cantilever roof and new details like perforated drawings on shutters will be added.
The three shops on the ground floor will be joined and will house a restaurant with 4 windows looking on the square. The false ceilings made of concrete diamonds characterise the restaurant inspired by Gio Ponti’s architecture; the cement floor is marked by brass joints with tiles to create geometric patterns, and the decoration underlines the structural peculiarities.
The bedrooms, different for shape and dimension, will have the same style and formal severity. The traditional Japanese house represents the inspiration source, starting from the monumental building analyses like Katsura’s villa in Kyoto. Geometric balance, clear painted backgrounds and harmony of the shapes identify bedrooms and spaces in an elegant and simple aesthetic rhythmics.


Building renovation


Piazza S. Maria Beltrade, Milano, Italy


2.200 sq.m

Head Designer:

Alessia Garibaldi