It’s more than a passion project.
It’s more than a creative vision realized.
It’s Garibaldi Architects.

  |  Dorotea Cancelliere

Dorotea Cancelliere

Architecture Supervisor

After graduating in Architectural Engineering from Catania, she earned a second level Master’s degree in “BIM Manager” and took a Project Management course at the Politecnico di Milano - Master School Fratelli Pesenti. This training path has led to her becoming a BIM specialist in the management of complex projects, using Arch-Str-Mep Model programs. She has proven experience in the design of retail, commercial and residential environments and has designed many stores for the SOS Sartoria brand, both as new openings and renovations, where she coordinated the Design Office. Versatile and curious, she works on building renovations and participatory urban and residential planning. Now in Garibaldi Architects she is in charge of engineering the projects and coordinating the firm in the different design stages.