It’s more than a passion project.
It’s more than a creative vision realized.
It’s Garibaldi Architects.

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The exclusive thermal resort of the Italian Hospitality Collection in San Casciano dei Bagni reopens in the Tuscan province of Siena with a completely renovated look, following the impressive renovation project that involved all the areas: the 78 rooms, the common areas and the Spa. The 5-star hotel, originally a renaissance residence of Grand Duke Ferdinando I de’ Medici, affiliated with The Leading Hotels of the World, regains its former splendour and welcomes its guests in a palace full of character and history, where Italian hospitality style is combined with a unique wellness experience, thanks to the 5,000 square metre spa park.


The renovation project was developed respecting the history of the locations, creating elegant and sober spaces in a dialogue between past and present. In fact, we started from the image of the residence with its ancient thermal waters, imagining it as a key destination on the Grand Tour, and then developing it with new enhancing elements, in constant dialogue with the existing spaces.


The project could only begin with the history of the great Medici family, from the palace that the Grand Duke decided to build on a thermal spring, as a tribute to the regenerating power of water. In restoring the original atmosphere and sober Tuscan style of white walls, terracotta, stone pilasters and exposed structural elements, a design palette was devised that rediscovered white blended with ivory, the grey of the pietra serena blended with dove grey, the colour of terracotta and earth in the leather upholstery and padding.


In the reception area, portraits of Grand Prince Ferdinando, his wife Christina of Lorraine and their son Cosimo II are part of an extensive collection of antique art on display at Fonteverde and welcome guests at the threshold, immersing them in the palace’s fascinating history.


In the new rooms you can experience the light and freshness of the surroundings and the new furnishings have soft shapes, some more contemporary and others more in keeping with the Tuscan tradition.


The space plays on illusions and the refraction of natural light in the side mirrors broadens the perception of space.


In the suites, which are always different in shape and size and where the historical component often prevails, the headboard of the bed becomes more important and wider, derived and inspired by the tradition of Tuscan leather tanning, in the rounded shapes of the seats and in the dark brown colour. Antique writing desks and lounges complete them, interacting with pieces of furniture that give classic interiors a timeless style.


In the Ferdinando I restaurant, with its loggia offering a magnificent view of the hills of the Val d’Orcia, the dining room has been redesigned as an orangery where the spaces are marked by large windows and full of natural light. The bar, Il Falconiere, has been completely re-furnished with a new lounge area, again in a classic design where fine fabrics, piping on the upholstery and new curtains redesign the rooms. The breakfast room has also been refurbished with new seating in natural beech, and has been made brighter and decorated in the Provençal style with shades of cerulean blue.


The pulsing heart of the project is the renovation of the SPA. Entering the spa area you are surrounded by an evocative atmosphere where the only guides are the lanterns and golden niches that enhance the antique collection of archaeological finds protected by the Superintendence. The walls and floors of the new design have been de-materialised with a total brown. Having passed through this decompression zone connecting the hotel to the spa area, you are welcomed into the light and the rooms with light-coloured furnishings are characterised by new portals that functionally divide the treatment areas.


San Casciano dei Bagni, Siena, Italy


6.000 sq.m - 78 Keys

Head Designer:

Alessia Garibaldi, Luca Paviglianiti